The Artists Corner

The Artists Corner brings you a varied mix of art to compliment your home, office or as a wonderful gift. Each piece of art has been selected because of its uniqueness, the creativity and inspiration behind it or the passion the artist has for their work. All pieces of art can be ordered online via PayPal and delivered anywhere in the UK!!

Buddha and Urban Art

Our Buddha and Urban artwork range is unique and perfect for designing any type of interior and still so in fashion. Paintings are made with passion and love, therefore each one is unique and no two will be the same.

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Real Art

The artists that have created these “Real Art” paintings have used colourful oils to make then extremely eye catching, perfect for your home, office oras a gift. All paintings are on canvas, measuring 50cm (20in) x 60cm (24in).

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Tall Art

Each of these paintings are handmade with great attention to detail and signed by talented Chinese artists, therefore every single piece is unique.They express the beauty of nature and love, a relaxing fit with a morning cup of coffee…

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Wall and Vintage Art

Vintage plaques and fun wall art are a great accompaniment to your business or home. Let your creativity shine with these do-it-yourself adhesive wall graphics. Simply follow the directions and you will have your design up in no time.

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